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10:43 a.m. - 2001-04-12
Miss You Tam
Planning to go home tonight; I have to and want ot go;dont want to go to ny w/ people and make a silent pest of myself with my irregular behavior; whats the point of giving people a timeotlaugh and grin over my uncontrolled stupidity; I really miss Tam; what do you do when someone who you relate to very closely and find like traits in dies and is "dead and gone" as daddy evily put it? Its so unfair and then I want ot go back to Ohio to find someone i dont know where ican start a clean existance a clean slate; I m tired of puzzling the people at Bethel; I really have ot go ; mother gouldbourne needs to eat so her sugar does not drop too low. I want to continue writnig. I want to go home so bad.



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