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12:37 p.m. - 2001-04-23
Tam a gem
Wish Tam was here, I miss her soooooooo much. She was my parallel , I would be able to talk to her. I wish Tam was here I feel so horrible about her being gone; she was a gem and like gems, she melted but she is going to materialize again once she cools off(she has cooled off); she must be doing something where she is now. Tammie is still out "there" somewhere. I want to see her and talk to her and confide in her I want her to confide in me. I want to give her that big old hug that she wanted before she left. Tamathea was so special; the important people always die young. Antonius has not replied to my e-mail. Tam was so special I wish she was here I want to talk to her I need to talk to her she is not here physically though. Tammie would understand. Why did she have to go? Asking the oblivion I am the oblivion that is questioning and misunderstanding to me. Why do people allow people to go on that why why are humans such m-f's to eachother , they need to know how will they know.



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