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6:01 p.m. - 2001-04-24
Insipid Air
I am at Capital University now; I wish I could go, Tam was so brave and very strong...she is gone...Its horrible pressuring Ms. Bates; need to get out of there not to inflict an innocent bystander to my stupide and insipid distasteful uncontrolable behavior, need to get out need to go and find someone like Tam...where...I wish Tam was still alive...its unfair

I think Daddy told people at Bethel that I ran away, "what the f- daddy how could you do that only asking for more huh?" Dont want people too invade into family and hurt it like they did in the beginning. Diana said she wanted to go to Revere Beach with me. I dont think she would like me, I don't know...

Want to flee,

what glee are you experienceing tam?



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