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11:13 a.m. - 2001-04-24
Homines competitiveness
Human beings are very interesting, they are confusing to each other but they delve into their confused states for a sense of security that is reassurance that springs from the sense of safety and being cared that is innate and that they have as children growing up, as babies just born...They are a cycle of confusion to one another, why? Because they find a sense of security in "confusion". Humans main want is innate but not revealed in everday society, how can this be handled but to go on and live a life that fufills their innate urge by doing things that closely come close to what they are innately "endowed" with when born as an animal.

The very reason that a child is worried about by their parent is because the parent's duty is to not look bad so as to make his whole ability to raise a child "look good". The whole world is based on this evil sense of competitiveness that the Wonder told me about, it is so subtil, intangible but hanging in the air like a cloud of some chemical that is very dense and uneasily dispersed. It is their in the way humans have to barter for what they want and need; it is a selfish way that is not innate to the human animal from the "first beginnings" when they were in the caves. I really wish I could discuss this with Tam, she would understand...



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