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1:01 p.m. - 2001-05-05
Samedi Soir :) (-Wonder)
It is Sabbath, the 7th day of the week in it though shalt not do any work though nor thy son nor thy daughter nor the manservant, nor thy ox nor the ass nor thy cattle nor anything that is in thy gates. Oh well...I am having 2nd thoughts about alot of what i have been raised 2 believe...o well...did not "lose it completely" -Wonder...but just wanted to leave Central 2 take a walk through Franklin Park and go to Capital University...indadequate It doesn't really amke much sense and life does not as many of the homines say...Trying to think that there might be someone like Tam somewhere out there but beginning to believe that it is not true and is not at all possible, beginning to think that possibility of someone like Tam does not exist, "of course not you f---cking idiot" there is only one Tam and she is gone but she lives on it whatever shape or form...Love you Tam...miss you alot. Why do humans do that...just don't look if yo don't care what's the sense of giving a sense of caring when you freally don't give a---- ok, oh wello oh wello...they just keep looking they don't relaly care though thats the problem the world is gonna go on and destroys its freaking self just watch humnas have deviated fo r along time and their deviation hnas made living harder for them and they are just gonna end up dying off.



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