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8:30 p.m. - 2001-05-17
:'(...I miss You Tam
I hate what should have been what could have been not being I am soo freaking upset about the fact that she is gone noooooooooooo and life is a bundle of pepretated lies that enclothe the minds of the innocents who unknowingly wrap their living corpses in the thick veil of the fibs that is the world. They go on an dhurt each other and confuse each toher in the want to understand what they wont because they never want to perchance the innate tendencie to fluctuate to the caring arms that is the cottony safety net of the innocent in early years hovering next to conception.

Not to be bothered with the likes that is not the like and the ones that do not conform and become one of them and they go on and smile and frown and shout and do whatever they fuckiing well were brought up to do when faced with nonconformity.

I miss you Tam



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