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2:19 p.m. - 2001-05-19
The Jade Sphere
Why do people do that, they want to see someone who reflects part of their evilness or something...they get excited w/ the person adn they expect that to bring fucking "levity" only spirals down

Mothers treat their children like they are soo important with their awwws and ooohs and everything and the child thus goes on acting like that to get attention adn they child likes the attention...little kids like attention thats why they continue to do stuopid things to make adults laugh and impressed but that side comees out when someone says they are "mentally Ill" or whatever because they want that attention that they were smothered in a s a child that is still engraved in their memory and they still want to be given attention because this is what they were grown up with and it is somewhere in their memory and they go on in the mental "homes" and turn each other and even the doctors more insane...

The nursing home alll FUCKING nursing homes everywhere are mental homes they turn the elderly into mental people left to ponder their past lives and the NO future they have lviing and staring at hte flowered wall papered walls that slowly begin to enclose them

And they gradually grow wise with age and they begin to separate from them the things that they thought as neccesary when they were young animals trying to live, make a living, sustain a living and maintain a living, in mating and making friends and sustating the livelihood of their offspring and making sure their offspring continue the cycle that uphold sthe purpose of living which is to survive in the world or whatever other reason that is thei rin the oblivion whatever God-given or whatever given reason. Its sad though very sad that humans have become victims of the mselves....Humans are victims of each other and they lower each othe rin whatever way they want that person to be...their toys take away time for simpole thiking the world is imbalanced as Tam said it is chaos and to understand it would make one "insane" is just too hard and difficult for so many its unfair...there are other livelihoods that do sustain a balanced sense of their interpretation of "being" which ever feeling they believe sustains their own sense of "being" whatver being may be...



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