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5:17 p.m. - 2001-06-05
*****and stripes 4-ever
I miss you alot Tam. When thinking about the graduating class of 2001 at Boston Latin School i can't help but think about You. Antonius got a prose accepted to the Register about you Tam and an art piece also...its for you Tam, I love you alot and Im really and so upset and angry that you are freaking gone.....nooooooo oh man

Still In Columbus, Ohio...Ohio, Uh-Hye-uh... a nice state w/ a funny cute name....Columbus is a nice city too...very deserted but the ants come out of the cracks when teh food is on the table...

Class of 2001 is graduating this Sunday...I am happy that they are out of there...

I am too Tam is too in a different way a freaking different way...Tam we weren't to graduate from that hell-hole.

Antonius is happier now that school is out I am very glad for Antonius.




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