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8:01 a.m. - 1990-06-20
I can't put an \"entry\" on this Andrew, maker of Diaryland
I am realizing alot about human nature now. I must write this. The "family" that I am staying with is in "peril" in terms of the break down and the importance of "familial" titles and power. The father has three women in the house and he takes advantage of that fact. I am one woman who reminds him of his "wife" and I must be cautionary around him because he does things to me that he does to his wife. It is subtle. The ties in a family can be crossed as fart as father/daughter, son/daughter, daughter/daughter, daughter/ mother, son/mother, and the supposidly "Truest Love" the human-being must believe: mother/father.

This family is living in a dirty house that is un kept. I do not know why. I have to observe. I am realizing that if you live in a home you "naturally" adapt to the behaviorisms of those around you and this is very subtle...I am not going to adapt to this "family" . I came back to the state of Massachusetts and left the state of Ohio for my own safety in this animal world...humans are animals humans should learn from animals...I was in dangerous territory around a "sick" woman who wanted only money and food, and to hide under her clames of being crippled. This family is living in a community of people who believe in God and Jesus the Christ...they have somewhat fallen under their own ideal sacrificing it to the practices of the animals they surround themself with , fellow animals in the "worshipping" of the "Son".

This family needs help very much they need to leave this neighborhood and leave this house. There is a girl next door named Miriam who did not have a father for a while and her mother does not regard her as the title "daughter". Miriam is going to give birth. She comes over here for relaxation; to listen to music on Hannah's cd player. She needs to live on her own and get away from teh animals that may be driving her in this neighborhood. I need to help her too. I need to leave this house and as long as this "family " is in this state (Massachusetts) that is fine; for my own safety as an animal in this world. In addition there is someone living, in fact two "family's" living upstairs I think, I know the "Pastor' or "elder" lives upstairs named Mitchell. He is, I am afraid an influence to this "family" this is not safe this is not good. He just signed on to his internet Instant Messagin g System. I have to observe. Human influence is more subtle here in this city of Massachusetts, Boston. I have to watch.



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