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12:29 p.m. - 2001-06-25
The human animal
Humans hurt each other but they create levels of tolerance that allow them to "deal". Human nature is incongruent because people perceive things differently based on their 'pasts'. But humans do not know in some ways what they are doing...yes they know. Humans are all narcissistic, it crosses the boundaries of gender and age. Humans are animals but they are deviates they create things for each other that deviate them from dealing with the food, sleep, and mating they were created to do.They are animals. In each of us is there an innate part of another animal?

What are the uses of these toys that humans create for themself? What is the submission of the women to the male in dressing too? In fact it is worse in some areas than others. Why do women have to all wear the same "clothings".

I worry about Naomi's safety. Rick is not of consistent character. Good in some ways. Humans can let their goals be their driving force inflicting their pursuits on everyone they come in contact with. Including family, friends, animals, everything and everyone. Oh man.

The world is the world. Boston ins just like Columbus, here at Tufts University Health Sciences Library. People are people. Everyone is the same. There are some consistent characters that show up in different people more often than not. People can treat there fellow animal as a man or as an animal. Its uimportant not to submit.



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