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9:00 a.m. - 2001-06-27
Tufts University
I am Tufts University Library Health Sciences. Slowly returning to "myself" and me uhhhh...The human mind is powerful..I think I have aged according to my experiences in the pasts. Why do humans FUCKING hurt themselves that way?They make their toys and tyr to understand them...well they are escalating their minds are escalalting. Forever...fuck up and die? I don't know. I love and miss Tam, I have not thought about you clearly yet

Everyone views the world differently thus those who view it the same are attracted to each other, electrical fields, energy mind locking and coincidencing?

I am worried about Naomi and Rick I feel for Naomi, her husband has criminal or defensive animal instincts. Why? I don't know. Humans, Humans, ask "why" is being a Human.



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