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9:15 a.m. - 2001-06-29
<3 you Tam
I will never think of this once I get "back to me" in a "billion years", Humans have a way of pressing each other down and they don't even realize it. I guess to the level that they want that person to be at according to how stupid they want that person to be. People only treat you as stupid as they want you to be. I guess that helps some with their own "insecurities" but one should not have these. Oh boy. Poor Human-Beings. Aunt Laleith is going to COnnecticut this weekend and she was telling me were on your side...i have NO idea where that statement was 'fruitioned' from. I left to get a break from Boston and to whatever...

If Tam was here we could talk and learn more about each other in different ways. And help each other past the world and its surroundings. Ok, I am back tome. whatever.

Humans are subtle though and to attempt to live for all is very hard.



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