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11:12 a.m. - 2001-06-29
Rick and Naomi
I'm at the Tufts University Health Sciences Library in China Town of course in Boston. Been living with Naomi. My cousin Naomi. Rick tried to 'figure' me last night asking me what is my philosophy on life I replied with some shit that ended up supporting the Holy Bible as good life guider to keep human-beings on the 'right path' hey im memeber of Bethel and plus he kept on referring to The Holy Bible as my Bible. No. I think he thinks he has me figured out my quietness im not he says is 'annyoing' my words but i know it annoys him. He told Naomi this morning so much junk about being on time and that will hurt Naomi she is trying to satisfy him in different ways, physcially mostly. But this from him is taken in a different light by Naomi.

People create boxes for you to catergorize you and keep you safe in their own mental square that they comprehend within themself. They'naturally' which I hate to say do that it is not...They try to understand you in a way that best fits what they want you to be.So they feel comfortable.

Rick believes life is all about survival and that to kill another animal is unfair to that animal; like Moby said animals have their own will and to force your own will on an animal is unfair. Oooh Im' receding back into the me me me me for mommy daddy hannah and 'me'. Uh oh. I'm going to go and get these journal articles copied for Michael Court. I loathe and reject that look of 'understanding' that is come on get bakc with it. 'It' is was drives humans the common common sense that keep them all going in the same direction fo school, work, entertainment. Bro. Bailey wants to call him. Ok..I saw two 'brethren' when i came back to Boston and i was in an aware state i saw each person for who THEY were i mean THEM the person theirself not the self they created and create continually for the social world and social 'stability'. So Bro. Bailey was reaching out to me when we passed by his car on i think Warren Ave. in Dudly like i was hard to reach or something. He reached out like i was intagible and he said,in his high voice(i think some female is there), Lidt-uyhh and I was like :fake smile:. Brother Bailey asked Hannah if it would be alright to call him. Really Fuck you brother bailey you aren't of consistent character. What DO you want animal. You ARE an animal and I have to be aware. You have three purposes eating, fighting, mating....which are you after brother bailye. I loathe animal 'brother' Sam as well he isafter one of the 3 and I know which and he knows im a ass hole weirdo and he still was brave enough to pinch my arm when we saw him at Sav-On in Dudley. He said, "you got a tan down there" what the fuck ever. I do not want to induce myself into that sect called Bethel it is one family but they do have affect on each othe rnad the scary thing is they have been that way for years the church has not grown. I wander what one thing drives that pack of animals. Of course so one can say o come on don't be crazy crazy talk...ok thanks you just varied it is 'true' as you humans use the word. This screen is falling away I smell Tam's funeral...shit. Damn. I want to meet Moby I want to 'meet' Felix.



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