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10:29 p.m. - 2001-07-06
Death or Life
I am sickened by the thing humans call 'society' I am sickened by this 'country' named America, they are all making each other sick. No-one wants to subject in any way to what they are doing in this at all. It is a force that is so strong but tremendously subtil so subtil that subtil is too strong of a word to describe it. I was so saddened to see all of the faces at Bruegger's Bagels each had a sad story of their subjection to the world of not understanding one another of not comprehending. They did not hire me from Bruegger's Bagels because I did 'not speak loud enough'. Working their has instilled in me the fact that people will treat you in the manner that fufills the impressions and expressions and opinions that they have always held deep in their mind for years, for their life. Every- 'one' is bi-polar, EVERY-'one' except you convince yourself of the goodness of each drop of the world you will not be accepting of everything in society. I saw fear on the faces of some, anger, hate, wrath, lust, disgust-at the face of one who did not equate what they wanted. It is necessary to become a human robot but one with emotions? Or is it normal to be tossed to and frow in the world dossling and tossing about with every wind of society and aggreeing with eveyrthing. To not aggree with everything is to be somewhat defunct in your amptitude to function well with every person 'but every person is different', they say in the lazy relent to not find out, fuck. My Love said that the world needs to try to understand one another if we go on not understanding one-another then we will continue to fall back into the shade of our own discrepencies.

I have learned that the titles given to animals called humans are only there to calm humans down into subjection submission. But a son an 11 year old son can be the father and the mother the daughter and the daughter the father and the father the son and a family is notwhat humans have objectively stated it as being. I want my Love. I want Tam back, dammit.



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