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8:41 a.m. - 2001-07-09
BLS day
The things that I noticed ARE there. There are so many levels of character in humanity. In this all of this I feel like I reached some people-because some people were wide-eyed and alert when I spoke to them in this supposed 'wrong' behavior. Some people carried conversations...there are people out there that don't feel like...(people). Subjecting is hell for them.

For example LeKeisha, Rick Maladry (Maldry?) 's 8 year old daughter seemed like a 'hand full' to Naomi but she was really a profound human being...she hides under the reactions that people expect her to 'live up to' and she has that 'living' or that 'life' for her dad, her step mother (naomi) and her mother and anyone else who encloses her instantly into there mental images and processing abilities as a bad little girl that does not want to do good and has no ability to do good. I felt like I was reaching to a part of her...she knows how to 'do' it is just her parents treatment of her that disallows her to become that 'person' who she can be. The world does not make much sense to her either.

Humans are confused animals. I guess the devil is the source that helps them put a blame on some of this confusion but it just comes from them their escalating minds.

I don't think Rick is right for Naomi, I don't think Naomi loves Rick either. It is not a good 'beginning' the dangerous part though it may appear undangerous is the fact that they look like a 'perfect' or 'possible' couple. Rick does not love Naomi-he called her girlfriend on the phone to his friend. And in addition he is always complaining about how she sleeps I don't see them staying togehter down the road.



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