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10:22 a.m. - 2001-07-10
People look through portals
People see the world through different 'portals' -Wonder If one happens to be looking through the same portal as the other one then they are attracted to one another. But if that person is of opposite sex the attraction, due to the society based concept of male-female relations is not as close and profound as it could be.

I can't believe Tam did that though. I want to lean on her shoulder and she would tell me its ok i did not do this i am sleeping and now i woke up. i'll be here forever as long as you are here we will die together when we do die.

The fact of there being portals makes the whole human experience in mentality like one of those kaleidoscopes...when two people interact the colors they see clash with the colors the other person sees. And then they make colors that are different the different colors are like new ideas and new concepts that help people in their confusion. But the colors flash against each other like the lights on the floor of a disco room.



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