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11:28 a.m. - 2001-07-13
I am about to leave to go to a barbecue given by the Tufts Medical School. I don't want to go. I feel scared I feel as if the humans will devour me. THey are animals. and i don't want to give in to their 'play'. Dr. Court the man whom i work for paid for me to go, i wander why. why did he pay for me to he trying to make it seem as if he's happy or what...i want Tam back. if she could only know that I love her so much that I loved her so much i still love you tam alot. what you did was not necessary considering the animals that are still alive today and do not even have the 'knowledge' as the humans call it that you have, had. have. i love you tam it is love it is love



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