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1:34 p.m. - 2001-07-20
'Hold On'
Life is so weird. I went to Lenscrafters today anbd there was this pretty quote unquote spanish like lady but the way she was seducing me it seemed like she thoiught I was a man or maybe subconsciously attracted to my male attributes. I took her lpen and she was like "try-na steal my pe-nn?" and she looked and me that way and asked me questions about where I was from . ANd then the doctor who did my eye exam was completely hateful toward his job on the way to the other room I whispered to him or maybe myself but to him...then get another job...I hope he heard me...He is gonna killsomeone otherwise. He has that sort of potential. All humans have so many different potentials and abilities it is so awe inspiring and then there are so many kinds of humans there are short ones, tall ones, big ones, scared ones, intimidated ones, ones that do not want to live as humans but are burdened and more or less damned to exist on this earth trying their best. One can stop the animalistic characteristics? Who has which animal out there? They can kill. Daddy or David can kill, the phone is ringing hole on.Hold on. Animals are the most 'happy' we could learn from them . Humans must be a defect animal there are SO many differents ones of them. They all communicate differently as well. it is having many things going on in one's head. it the many things that gon on in there head that makes them all different? Ethan has special instintual attributes but I don't want to judge him and I certainly do not want him to committ suicide. I dont' want Ethan to kill himself I dont' want Ethan to FUCKIN' give up...that would SUCK so baddly.Humans are full of som any differences.



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