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4:20 p.m. - 2001-07-21
Humans Lay It On
Humans reallly know how to lay it on when a situation is difficult. It seems lilke everyone ahs been telling me alot of negativities about what I want to do for the past few days. Where does this negative inclination come from; maybe from the natural instinct to fight-even if it s a relative (ooh im sounding so common) they can still be 'out for the kill' even though they are giving 'advice' and '"trying" to help'

I think bad eyesite is greatly mental if you think you can see youwill you will adjust youirself to many things are pshcyological or in the mind., FOr example with culutres it can span the wholoe time period of their existances. Such as with African people and their music hte vietnamese and their inclination to be humble it seem slike there is a general compression or depression of htat culture.



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