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10:04 a.m. - 2001-07-21
Hidden Inclinations and the Universe in the person
I wander how many doubted (not doubt as in having a reluctant trust in something/one but did not take to themself as positive in their own light on things) what I did. I mean how many of the Christians in the Bethel Church of God 7th Day thought it was 'wrong' or 'justifiable' based on what they want to do or rather if they have the inclination to leave the church or to stay avid, dedicated members of it. They may hear the complains of my 'rebellion' as I have heard it called or rather my 'rebelling' but do they really feel sad about the actual act of 'throwing' way God?"

I must call Naomi to tell me I am at work She doesn't care but she maybe called my house to see if I was there. Last night she went to see the birth of her friend Benedict's baby.



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