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5:58 p.m. - 2001-07-23
Tam, was still here
Really hope that the world does not turn . Another Course to College is a highschool that I may attend. I have not heard from Antonius in a long time. I do not think he is even interested to talk to me. Neither Diana. She never pursued going to the Beach with me. I hope I meet them one day. We could talk about Tam and remember her. I wish Tam was still alive; her presence would be the most wonderful thing. More people should have experienced Tam's presence; she was such an influentiable person. I remember that time that Tam told me that she thought I had nice hand writing I remember how she kindly looked over to help me with my homework for French class. We would both discuss how the teachers are prudently (?) mean. It would have been wonderful if Tam was still alive we could talk to each other and then maybe go t othe same college perhaps and become closer there. I would really have liked to help Tam more than I did ; for I didn't. The time I saw Tam in the hall way walking by herself her face looked expressionless; she looked at me however, I will wonder what she was thinking; what was in Tam's mind when she looked at me that time. The time I saw Tam walking down the hall in the basement wearing black pants and top with her black bookbag I will wander in wonders what she was thinking and what was running through her mind. What was running throuhg her mind when she left school that Monday to go home. Did she think that she would not see the school again? What did she think? Did Tam ever think of me. Tam she had so many special thoughts. She was an important person. Her words were indepth and poignant stoic sounding yet true; she always was very straight to thepoint; if I asked her a question she would directly answer it; saying, "I think...". The time in Biology class she and I worked together on that DNA paper she was so helpful Tam helped me in that class in her own way telling or gently urging me to make sure Ms. Payne-Phillips gave me the right amount of credit for my assignments. I wish I had conforted you that time you laid down on your desk. That time you asked me why I wore my coat. You were the only one that asked me that. Tam stood there or rather sat there on the box and looked over at me in my 'insanity' and she then endeavored to ask me that question. Tam was special. Though humans may not know they always let hte important ones die-fate that is i guess



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