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1:32 p.m. - 2001-07-25
Conversation With Brother Mitchell
I am at work now at the Tufts University Medical school on Harrison Avenue I am not working now because I am waiting for Kelly, the woman who works in another lab to come and help me fill some glass pipettes with cotton so they can be sterilized.

Yesterday I remeber talking to Brother Mitchell. He was asking me different questions about God and if I believe in Jesus still and he was asking me to come to church; of course I woiuld not mind coming to their church I would not mind coming to Bethel either. Bethel is the church we attend. He seems to really want to help the youth and help society in well not society help the youth and he was telling me that he loves me; he asked me if I love him I said yes then he said when asking me to come to church can I look forward to you coming to church on Sabbath and I said it is up to you and then he said how can someone that loves you ask a question like that. I think his mind frame is one of the belief that things will be recieved in the manner that he expects them to be recieved. He always says different things with tthe expectation that they will end up with a posoooitive answer. I asked him when he asked me to come to church, "Do people usually say yes?" and he said yes. This world is very very very very very complex and there is a lot fo things about it thast can not be explained and borther mitchell was saying that God is the highest power and he is the one who is the indicator of things that are unexplainable.

He also said that Moses wrote the ten commandments along with the other parts of the beginning ot the Bible; the old testament beinnings such as Genesis, Exodus. But I asked him how could someone know that the garden of Eden happened unless it was invented as a story by someone.

I am not sure how he views me. He must think I am dossle and indifferent to any other options in terms of the religious way. He made statements and expected me to fill them out; finish them. E.G. the world is bad because of..... and I said I dont' know and he said,"of course you know". And I said I don't know again and then I said I will say what I am suppost to say and I said sin. Sin is just mans' definition for the obstruction of right and wrong. But who knows why the world turns this way or who knows why the human is the type of animal they are.



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