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5:38 p.m. - 1990-07-26
Your reasons
Thinking of I hate the mother fucking way people try to show fucking respect in each toerh muckthfucking presences even at Tam's funersaal the respect that the humans had for each toehr far outwaid the way they should have mourned for the fact that she is gone. They did not cry though . One person, Catherine Anderson she cried. i cried but the thing is no one wept. Now that I think I now that Tam left this mother fucking earth for a reason . IT is becasuse this world fucking sucks ass that is to mean this worl d is a horrible place to live because the human is the most horrble animal and that is whey tam could not live here she could not stand being in teh presences of the humans the humans are the worst animals inflicintng and shooting darts on the minut e no themillli secone that would cause one to kill themself which cause Tam to kill herself. Thinking of it now I know Tam had a reason she did what she did and she didn't even have to care to concider the mother fuckers she would be leaving behind because they indeed were mother fuckers. They hurt Tam in the worst way. They should die.



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