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3:32 p.m. - 2001-07-27
Come On Come on Come On Come On _The Beatles
I am talking with Antonius on line an dI am still in the computer laboratory at Tufst. I wil lgo and visit Ms. Colleen Romain then firs go to Dr. Courts' lab and then go adn get the perscription diespner form filled out for insurance and mail some things and then wait for daaddy to pick me up . On mondya i am gong to see an Apartment on 610 Columbus Avenue. Close to Ruggles Station I hope they charge low for rent then I would work and go to school and work to pay for rent get lal of my homework done. Yes Yes Yes! Finsih highschool and then go to a college and then meet many friends and become a very close friend to a person or persons I have not ever been a close friend to a person before and I think Patrice doew not like me nieth Antonius or Diana. I hope to get this apartment or rent a room and have a roomate I hope to geet to know someone. I want to go and see Moby again and this time fully understnad everyfreakign thing that is going on wil i have enough money to opay for him and then also oapy for an apartment so I need to get another job so I can get enough money to opay to go and see moby and to pay naomi, and too pay for the apartment most apartments charge you for the first month of rent and then the las tmonht of rent or security which is a downpayment. I hope that this ends up very well. It would have been so GREAT if Tam was still alive we could have rented an apartment together. I wander if Tam's grades in school were dropping when she was not "doing well" I wander what happened in her mind though. Felix was not that much I think it was the societal deman that she talks about but Tam should have lived. She would have been very very successful.

So I will go downstairs to Dr. Court and ask him if he needs any help or ask SOundar if he needs any help , get a piece of the Sal Water Taffy that Dr. Court brought from Cape Cod as a gift for soundar and I and also him, visit Colleen Romain in her office before 4 o'clock and ask her how is she doing and is her cancer being treated and is it getting better, how are things with this years program and when is the ending ceremony because I would like to go and I wil tell her that I will be attedning Another COurse to College because I failed this past highschool year and wil transfer the credits to ACC this year and then alpply to rEgis, smit, simmons, mt. holyoke, welleslye, tufts, boston college,and bu. Then I will go to Lens Crafters and have them fill out the form for my glasses, I will try to find a post office to mail the thing for the sponsored tri-athalon this year in boston which i would want to run in or bike in or something. Then I will mail offf the Time thing that I got an invoice for Time magazine that says that I should pay. I am to get something free with it. Then I will go downtown to Filene's and ask them about working there in the evening if I worked at Filene sin the evening I could then work there from 5-9 and then I could make enough money to save up to pay for the apartment. If I get an apartment I will need

Money to pay for the apartment

A bed

A dresser

A desk or a table and a chair (a hard chair)

I will need a phone connection

I will need a computer

I will need a computer desk


A refrigerator

I will need to get insurance My insurance will be through chidlren's hosptial and I will continue to go there.

I will need to get my braces finished

Then I need a new book bag

I will need a mirror

I will need to take all of my bathroom items



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