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2:09 p.m. - 2001-07-29
I left Boston and wen tto Columbus, Ohio I spent $235 on the ticket. I spent $300 for the telephone bill. I owe mommy $235 dollars. I came back to Boston and wen t to live with Naomi. I owe her $30 for this week if I live with her again this week. I plan to go to her house to get my clothes and come back to my parents house and stay there. I plan to get a job where I can pay rent for a room with a roomate. This Monday I am going to Columbus Avenue to a see a room for rent that costs $450 a month. I hope to get that room once I start school at ACC. I will work too. I will need to go to Boston Public Schools to get the card grade card with my grades on it. The grades from English, French AP, Physics class I did not pass I didn't pass Calculus I did not pass Biology AP, I did not U.S. History AP. I will take PHysics, Biology AP, U.S. History AP, and Calculus again. I will need a room. That is cheap enough to buy food, college applications, CAS form, and a T pass.

I feel pain sorry for the vietnemese, the chinese, them. They are a smart race but they need to stop letting themselves fall under the oppression of the prevailing force.

People need to open up to all other kinds of people they are just shutting off others. Go to Naomi's house to pick up your clothes, you will give her a card saying your are greatly appreciated. I went to see Moby at the Tweeter Center on July 18, 2001. I saw Moby. He is just a person I am now going to enter this entry into my online diary. I mean no- at



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