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11:18 p.m. - 2001-07-29
Revier Beachier
Today went to Revere Beach with Diana only to go to Newbury Street with Diana and go to Revere Beach on my own afteward. Splendid dawn let the lights reflect from the apartment complexes of Rever on the beautiful small waves crashing next to and against one another. Tam's name was carved into the wet sand with heart around it. Her name and 1983-2001 was marked into the sand.

Diana is something else. She is some-thing else another an other. She is not as others. "I used to crawl around (when I was young)" "I actually thought I could fly" She said that DNA things of interest her and that she would like to learn more about those things. She cited how humans have so much DNA complexities that give us so much knowledge. That knowledge is passed on. Communication through the internet seems so "impersonal" and not even real it is not the same as talking to one. But Diana is lovely her face is lovely. As we shopped perspiration beads gathered at her widows peak. Her faced pinkened at times; most likely due to my stupidious mother fucking behaviourisms. Other women like her. A lady standing at the door of one of the shoe stores "ran into her" on accident; sexual urge was prevailent even though she seemed to eb and employee of the store and such.

On the blue line i saw a couple a spanish bella with a white man who oprobably are going to get married talking and laughing the lady was acting very giddy and she was 'pretty' but I don't think the man loves her much he thinks she is gorgeous and they amek the most of flaunting their physcial beauty as a couple in publick but it is not gonig to work. If ound out how much white peopel have to hole in that s why they kill themselfe more they have to make themslef balnk to all of the variety that is in the peipole they are all supooseid to have suprpressed "years a-go".



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