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10:38 p.m. - 1990-07-30
Yaay Moby Boy
This world is so collaborative.

I am sitting here at the computer waiting for moby to sing to me on line oh moby to sing for me. only for him the

21.htmlaihat is dim the only time that is for him is when he feels in his skin. (oh a webpage with him on it)

I think of all of the things that I saw and taht I noticed when I went to ohio. I finally left Boston and went to ohio. I am glad I did this. I have learned much about the human condition or the human race. I have learned a lot about humans in general they are all different and they all view one another differently.

i have to find out more about Moby. I told Diana the other day that I like his music. Do I? Yes? No? Mmmm. Moby. Richard Hall. I want to know. Not that , but I just want to know. Some people take it into their minds as an advantage when they see someone weaker than them in their field of vision muther fuckers. They are so demisiing and villanous. Especially black men who walk a certain way. I must enter this into the diary before AOL shut so down on me. Nothing of much to speak. Woo Hoo Doo Hoo.



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