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11:57 a.m. - 2001-07-31
nice city of boston
I am at work now at Tufts Medical School. It has been warm since summer is here. The weather has very much changed since I left Boston in April. In April it was still cold I had to wear that green winter coat on the bus and I felt fine because it was cold. It had been snowing off and on too.

I miss going to Boston Latin School in the good times. I called Ms. Middleton when I came back to Boston and she said a lot of the students felt like they let me down; since I did not graduate. Kaitlyn Jolly said in her editors note in the Argo that she wanted to give a shoutout to her H.I.T.'s, Lydia and some other girls and two others. I do not know what H.I.T. stands for. Kaitlyn Jolly is a nice girl she is very energetic. "Private Eyes" at the beginning of the school year and seeing Kaitlyn acting as one of the protagonists in the complex twisting saga that was about adultry and love was good. It was very nice. The "Mask" was a very good production too. Patrice's play, "West-Side Story" was good too.

She was one of the dancers.

Antonius is going to be going to Hampshire college in Connecticut and Diana to Harvard University and Patrice to Vanderbilt University in Tennesee. I would have liked it so much for Tam to have gone to college too. But she is not here and she will not get the chance to go to college. Tam can't even come back. I can't feel sorry for her because there is no way my feeling can reach her. I will continue to mourn Tam's death I will mourn for her. I love(d) Tam and she did not have to die.

Diana is nice she offered me a piece of snickers cream cheese cake and two chicken fingers with sauce dip. She started to smoke and asked me if it bothered me. It didn't. That's fine. At one time I felt the fact that Diana was Tam's friend and that Diana had experienced Tam. I wish I could have experienced Tam.



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