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12:48 p.m. - 2001-07-31
Conversation With Hannah
dshlm5: Hi Hannah

Dob02126: Hi, Lydia. How are you doing? What are you doing?

dshlm5: Fine. I am looking at at work

dshlm5: I am in the computer laboratory dowstairs

dshlm5: What are you doing?

dshlm5: How are you doing?

Dob02126: I'm just reading e-mail, replying to e-mail.

Dob02126: Why don't you e-mail me any more?

dshlm5: Ok

dshlm5: Why don't you e-mail me any more?

Dob02126: Please reply

dshlm5: Check your hotmail

dshlm5: I sent you an e-mail

Dob02126: okay

Dob02126: Do you want to play tennis maybe. I'm not sure, but maybe.

dshlm5: Sure

dshlm5: What time does the sun set

dshlm5: I am coming home today at 7

dshlm5: since I came to work late

Dob02126: Maybe 8:15. Lydia I'm going to send you something, tell me if you can read it all okay.

dshlm5: Hannah what do you think of daddy

Dob02126: That question is toooooooooooo broad. I just sent you something. Hold on. I'm going to send you something else.

dshlm5: Well type until you think you have said what you feel

dshlm5: After you send me that

dshlm5: Take your time when typing

dshlm5: Type what you feel

Dob02126: Type what I feel about what?

Dob02126: Did you get my e-mail messages?

dshlm5: Daddy

dshlm5: Where did you send it

Dob02126: [email protected]

dshlm5: ok

Dob02126: Daddy is fine when you get along with him.

Dob02126: Tell me when you have read my e-mail's

Dob02126: Why don't you talk to me sometimes, Ldyia?

Dob02126: Patrice just came on.

dshlm5: ok

dshlm5: I noticed different things

dshlm5: But I will put those aside

dshlm5: Whateer

dshlm5: Whatever

dshlm5: Right?

dshlm5: And talk to you

dshlm5: That is unfair to you for me not to talk to you

Dob02126: what do you notice, they seem to bother you-the things you notice

dshlm5: I can't say

dshlm5: It is TOO indepth

dshlm5: I guess

dshlm5: Not indepth

dshlm5: it is elementary

dshlm5: really

dshlm5: it is not even complicated

Dob02126: Do you tell other people about it

dshlm5: it is bare minimum

dshlm5: basics

dshlm5: no

dshlm5: Because they would think its crap

Dob02126: First you say it is in depth, then you say it is BASIC

dshlm5: And it is crap to most

dshlm5: well if I told you now you would say that

dshlm5: most would say that

Dob02126: How do you know what I will think. Try me

dshlm5: but those things that people say are indepth are really simple things

dshlm5: What?

Dob02126: Is things you see in people.

Dob02126: Is it things you see in people

Dob02126: Patrice left

dshlm5: Well, yeah

Dob02126: What do you see in peole

Dob02126: Lydia if you tell me and I don't see it that does not mean it is c....., it just means that I don't see what you see ,that's all. People don't see the same things.

dshlm5: I know but that is the thing I wasn't trying to see things for myself I was seeing things that were it is too simple it can be complicated I gues is a crapy way of putting it

dshlm5: That's why I was delirious

dshlm5: I wasn't grounded in my own freaking opinions

dshlm5: I was looking at everyone's situation in their own light

dshlm5: not mine

dshlm5: not like," Jim went to the store yesterday, he probably went because it was warm outside" , more like "Jim went to the store yesterday, his father works there, his mother is dead, he went to see his father"

dshlm5: I don't know that is another crappy example

dshlm5: it is the same basicity (sp? ) that a baby has

dshlm5: that's why babies are always crying

dshlm5: they see crap

dshlm5: that they hate

dshlm5: Their minds are being carved Dob02126: Why did you say you were delirious? Dob02126: Could you give me another example. dshlm5: No dshlm5: Forget that Dob02126: Okay Dob02126: Why do you think you are now seeing these things in people. And why don't you speak to me anymore, or that much. dshlm5: I had a chance to observe people in Ohio, In Washington dshlm5: Everywhere dshlm5: I felt like not a human dshlm5: I was looking at not from their viewpoint dshlm5: From a basic viewpoint Dob02126: You didn't feel like a human dshlm5: Like they were animals dshlm5: And their purpose of course to eat, kill, mate dshlm5: When you look at things from such a simple viewpoint you can start to single out things Dob02126: Why didn't you see these things before. You were around people before. Is that why you don't talk to me. You see me as an animal doing animal like things. dshlm5: That's why psychics ( I know, BAD, right?) can see things because they are looking at things in the most innocent way the way a child does dshlm5: chidlren are special because they aren't flawed thinkers dshlm5: No dshlm5: What? dshlm5: I don't mean those things are bad dshlm5: its innate Dob02126: Tabitha said her teacher was a pyschic dshlm5: But I was interacting with them Dob02126: All he did was say what people wanted to hear that is what Tabitha's teacher told her. Dob02126: But does that mean that you act like the other humans do. Dob02126: See pyschics are con artists dshlm5: And when you are around them you succomb to the subtil but MAJOR societal likeness. Even the way you dress is influenced when you are around people. The way you eat the way you talk. who knows maybe You really wouldn't do these things in others cases. Tabitha's teacher probably said he was to thrill the class and that is why. But actuall people who work and make their professions as psychics were often children with differences in their taking the world. dshlm5: They didn't become dummies to the world. Dob02126: I love when you write long notes :-P Dob02126: Lydia, can you sign on to MSN instant messenger? dshlm5: Why? dshlm5: I can't hear you when you talk Dob02126: I like it better. Dob02126: Please, if you want to dshlm5: ok Dob02126: Sign on as Rebekah



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