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7:09 a.m. - 1990-07-31
Richard H. ...
I sit here thinking about Moby and any chances of coming upon him or running into him. Would he understand anything or see the stupidious persona. Talking to him or writing to him would be sufficient calling him on the phone. Eating his vegetarian food. Becoming a vegetarian. Putting this freaky world on the back burner and cutting away those things that he cuts away and lives in his own person with and taking in those things that he takes in while living in his own persona. I wish I could be like him. I wish I could be with him or something. To help him some how. I don't know. I don't think I don't know and how could one know if he would like me. I don't know what he would think of my no character. I don't know. Uncle Timothy has just instant messaged me; and I was just talking to the things of my heart of Moby. Maybe his parents could have nicknamed him Richie to shortcome the atmosphere of his early living experiences. Then he would call himself Moby for his own reasons. I hope he isn't making a self for the people and by the people. Would he over look me and the possibilities. Does he do that? Is he like every other person? Every other person? Every other person. Humans are becoming a like now everyone is becoming the same, In some ways. But they adapt to things very easily. I think of the comfort of leaning on his back or maybe his shoulder and falling asleep. I think of the comfort of being in his "studio" and conceiving beautiful resounding symphonies and then there would be a lot of sweet furry jack russell terriers there. Sweet furries.I think of how we would sit on opposite sides of the room and talk and then move closer and keep on talking and talk and talk and write and inspire one another (inspire a freakish word m-f's) But we would console one the other from the plasticine plasticity of the world. But would he? I don't know. Me? I don't know. We would bring life to one the other. We would love. We could make it but I don't know of that aspect I want to know him I want to know Moby first before. I want him to comfort me I want to be by his side arm and his side I want to be there. I do. I do. Yes, Ani's song, Think I'm going for a walk now feeling a little unsteady don't nobody to follow me accept maybe you I can make you happy you know if you weren't already I can do alot of things..............and do I? [I do] Who am i to you Moby Who am.



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