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1:34 p.m. - 2001-08-01
Moby's Ecstasy Story
Today is a nice day outside. Last night I pushed daddies door open I guess to see what he was doing, it is somewhat wrong to go to the edge observing someone to the point of intiating their killing instincsts but Whut-Ever. And daddy got really mad and he corned me at the living room door and he started shouting about why I did that and then he hit me in the nose my nose is still sore and mommy was like, "My Lord, Je-sus!" For she had never seen anything quite so horrific well she has but not for a while, maybe? And then daddy got really upset and he said I can't be living in the house and picking on him that way. He has a "temper". I hope taht I can find a roomate to live with But I was thinking that It would be too much money to spend when It could be spent on college.

Oh well

Today Moby, I do not know what he would think of ugly old ugly me but he did an update in which he was talking about the legislators trying to prevent the use of ecstasy and he made up a story about a father who works in the ecstacy prevention group and the son was wondering what the reason for it is.

Here it is:

'daddy, what do you do for work?'

'I'm part of the ecstasy prevention squad, son'

'and what do you do at work?'

'oh, teach people how to have bad sex, make sure that people go to the

beach on cloudy days, confiscate trampolines, close down all the

rollercoasters, make dancing illegal, that sort of thing.'

'why do you do these things daddy?'

'son, when you grow up you'll see that there's just too much ecstasy in

the world. These United States were founded on dry and puritanical

precepts by dry and puritanical people. Joy and ecstasy have no place in

a puritanical world. That's why I believe in ecstasy prevention.'

'daddy, when I grow up I'd LOVE to work for ecstasy prevention.'

'that's a noble sentiment, son, but "love" is a dirty word in the world of

ecstasy prevention. If you're gonna work for ecstasy prevention you

better get used to 'liking' things.'

I'm going upstairs now. I 'm going to be helping Dr. Court make a web-page for his lab.



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