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3:05 p.m. - 2001-08-02
Un Conversation Avec VINH
VNL9: Hello there

dshlm5: Hey Vinh

dshlm5: Nice buddy icon

VNL9: Thanks

dshlm5: suits the weather today

VNL9: hehe

VNL9: Good day for you?

dshlm5: Yeah

VNL9: Are you at home or work?

dshlm5: How are you doing?

dshlm5: At work

VNL9: Oh..

VNL9: Hehe there is nothing to do at home these days..i should go out tomorrow or something

dshlm5: yeah that would be a good idea

dshlm5: to get out

VNL9: yeah

dshlm5: what are you going to do

VNL9: practice today

dshlm5: violin?

VNL9: I cleaned the house sweep the floor...

dshlm5: violin?

VNL9: viola

dshlm5: oh

VNL9: yeah

dshlm5: is it easier than violin

VNL9: although I am not a music major at all..but I like to work hard

VNL9: is the same

dshlm5: oh

VNL9: yeah....

dshlm5: that's good

VNL9: it is

dshlm5: I hope you enjoy it

dshlm5: though

VNL9: i love music

VNL9: yes i do enjoy it

dshlm5: humans need it

dshlm5: most like it

VNL9: yes yes

VNL9: well not classical music

VNL9: :-)

dshlm5: oh

dshlm5: i was about to ask you that

dshlm5: what kind of music do you listen to

VNL9: about?

VNL9: classical mostly

dshlm5: whether you like classical music and what kind

VNL9: it is like reading a novel

VNL9: well classical and old vietnamese music

VNL9: I am very old fashioned

VNL9: i like all styles from baroque to romantic ... although I did not work to Modern classical yet

dshlm5: especially if the composer is eclectic and doesn't stick to certain keys throughout the entire song

VNL9: i m still studying

VNL9: yes that calls for mozart

dshlm5: yeah

dshlm5: what is the flavor of old vietnemese

dshlm5: ?

VNL9: well old songs about family, war, love, will power,

VNL9: they have NICE tunes

VNL9: and a lot of poetic language

dshlm5: thats what people should listen to instead of the hollow tunes of today's 'modern world'

dshlm5: Vietnemese culture is so 'down to earth' as americans put it

VNL9: I agree

VNL9: Yes it is

dshlm5: Are you budhist?

VNL9: This is why I do trust people...a lot...but :-( unfortunately people never trust me...because they lost to an american culture

dshlm5: yeah

VNL9: I am not a Buddhist

VNL9: I am an agnostic...I tolerate all religions...

dshlm5: trust is something that is not very prevailent these day

dshlm5: oh

dshlm5: that's good

VNL9: I know...I have a hard time finding a love too..

dshlm5: because you can't live looking at something like its the only right when there can always be a wrong to contradict a part of the right and the other way around too

VNL9: although I should not think about that YET...but at this age..I like there is someone to understand me and talk to me

VNL9: is not great in this culture

dshlm5: Yes, I understand what your are saying

dshlm5: these days everyone is so systematical in their ways

VNL9: Yes

VNL9: Oh well, I wish I can live to be single

dshlm5: i don't know if its the computers, the music driving everyone to be zombies of their own inventions

VNL9: and support my family instead

dshlm5: yeah

VNL9: is the culture the fickleness in us humans

dshlm5: we should learn from animals

dshlm5: they are so systematical and much more successful than humans

VNL9: some ways

VNL9: we humans are fixed by culture system ideas that we ourselves have to strangle through

dshlm5: not systematical in that way but systematical in general

VNL9: right

dshlm5: yeah

dshlm5: but why

dshlm5: do you think these cultures started as defense systems for humans in the earlier years

VNL9: We should not strangle through..we should move pass easily

VNL9: yes...

VNL9: culture is a definite set of rules..

VNL9: I have to marry a girl, I have to wear a tie shirt and pant, I have to dress black to funeral, I have to I have to

dshlm5: but its like a piece of thread being more and more knotted up until it becomes impossible to find the beginning to untangle the thread a start with a simple string again with less complications

VNL9: so that we can maage ourselves that is

VNL9: manage

VNL9: you are right

dshlm5: manage against the tide of what though

VNL9: manage against our own ideas and society

dshlm5: what is the force that is making humans have to subject themselves to their own rules

dshlm5: do you mean others ideas and society

VNL9: society and the power of an overall group

VNL9: yeah

VNL9: I can't wear a dress into the public can I?

dshlm5: yes

VNL9: I can't kiss a guy can I? see these are the things that we "morally" think it is wrong

VNL9: but is it really?

VNL9: it is culture

VNL9: in Turkey, you can kiss a guy and there is no problem

dshlm5: but the rules of society have become so laid onto people s psyche that it is becoming 'natural' for some things that's when you hear them saying, "thats just the way things are" things are...

VNL9: yes...

dshlm5: that's why america is such a horrific land

VNL9: naturality comes from mind not nature itself i believe

VNL9: It is!!

dshlm5: its one of the most confused domains on the planet

VNL9: naturalism*

VNL9: it is intolerant

dshlm5: you mean naturalism from the mind

VNL9: hmm were you born here?

dshlm5: in america?

VNL9: naturalism as in from nature

VNL9: yes

dshlm5: Yeah

VNL9: grow up here?

VNL9: hehe

dshlm5: in a state called ohio

VNL9: Ah I see

dshlm5: it is a farming state

VNL9: yes

dshlm5: very homogenous

VNL9: Yes

dshlm5: black and white race

dshlm5: only

VNL9: Oh dear...that is not good

dshlm5: no

VNL9: I always live in cities...

VNL9: I lived in Saigon then Boston

VNL9: two major cities

VNL9: so I was trained very urbanly

dshlm5: Saigon from what country

VNL9: not rurally

VNL9: Vietnam

dshlm5: Oh,

VNL9: The fall of Saigon in 1975 vietnam war

VNL9: if you recall

VNL9: I came here in 1992...I studied here for only 9 years

dshlm5: No

dshlm5: Oh

dshlm5: What was the change like (I'm sure 'tons' of people have asked you this question)

VNL9: Yes, it is tough but I manage

VNL9: The change was ... tremendous

dshlm5: That's what is so horrible

VNL9: In the US we are isolated, in Vietnam we are very sopperative

VNL9: cooperative*

dshlm5: People have created all of these separations and then when one from another land comes to this land it is hard for them

VNL9: Yes

VNL9: I first met my bully..

dshlm5: You mean the vietnemese people are isolated in america

VNL9: No one in Vietnam ever bullied me!

VNL9: No no americans are very isolated

dshlm5: Why did they bother you?

dshlm5: Yeah

VNL9: I don't know....they hate the asian race

VNL9: I live in a once Irish neighborhood

dshlm5: even their living quarters are so isolated aesthetically

VNL9: yes yes i agree

dshlm5: which is smarter than them

VNL9: who is?

VNL9: which is?

dshlm5: not smart like education smart but wiser

dshlm5: vietnemese

VNL9: oh..

VNL9: well...we know our communication skill

VNL9: americans lack it

dshlm5: i didn't know how to say it

dshlm5: yeha

dshlm5: yeah

VNL9: it is okay, I understand you fully

VNL9: Wow, I wish I have talked to you more in school. I was so ignorant to talk to no one!

VNL9: I was so that I know that you can be a great listener and talker

VNL9: My goal is to find people to talk to and share the minds, and in another hand, I study how people think this way and not that is my ..hobby

dshlm5: I was waiting in line once at a bus station and their was a family of Asian people standing inline and the bus man called for the bus to Newark and they were frightened because they thought it was going to New York and they were confused that made me so sad and scared; the villanous way america can close in on people who don't fit their frame

dshlm5: (American's frame)


VNL9: that makes me sometimes pity and help them a lot

dshlm5: yeah

VNL9: I break a lot of barrier in the American society

dshlm5: Which barriers

VNL9: Because this is how to prove myself .. that as a human I have all the intrinsic qualities to succeed

dshlm5: Yes

VNL9: Well I came here in 1992 with no knowledge of the culture language



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