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8:32 p.m. - 1990-08-02
Uh, better put this in before compt shuts odwn
Its immensely fucked over now.Ztta has a counter on her diary and she probably knows now that i have been purusing through her writings; fuck. I really enjoyed talking to Vinh. I really di. ihop in the end he doesn't end up hated by gutted insides oiut. Damn. Oh well. Um daddy is such crap he is not sinciere ok i am talking paper talk to "unlce timtoey"I m asking him to guess who it is talking to him on AIM now. He said,"wow, Lalith".But anyway its fucked up yeap it sure is . I don'tk now nay more. Now I know all of the doors must have seem tight shut sealed to Tam when she decided to let go.dammmmdammmmmdnit.i probably fucking loose it never to reutrn well what the FUCKI FUCK ever Id ont' care anymore. I really don't care any fucking more and in now know what to do if david coems neard me BEat something out of him and more mother fucker.



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