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10:18 a.m. - 2001-08-02
Lost a $1,Encounter K.Mitchell: Know For Sure there is No ***
I must write this down now, I know that what just happened was a product of Bro. Mitchell's inclination to control some aspect of the youth it is as if he wants all of the youth to be saints. His goal? I don't know. I don't understand the dynamics. I was telling him I would not come up for prayer because I did not want to...he said the spirit told him I should go upstairs for him to pray for me. I asked him if it was important to Sis. Pinnock at first in terms of whether the fact of it being "the spirit" was important. Because she said that it was ok for me to come at another time. And it spirals (begins to began to) spiral down. It is so subtil. I was really talking to him for a while but after I changed by voice tone I was not talking to Keslock's psyche individual; it was the one that must have in his former "un"-Godly life period to only run for refuge to the Godly life container. I am listening to Moby he is singing, If things were perfect. The influence of being among other animal 'believers' is what induces people to do these hings "Give their 'life' to God" David is a mother fucker ( A good thing would be to observe the patterns animals do things-if they do them consistently the same compared to if humans do them consistantly the same) He started closing in on me upstairs (?downstairs?) -mf(Keslock Mitchell) He said the story about Adam & Eve prove there's a god. But I told him that We don't know who wrote that story and he exploded where before he did not even have anything to say-saying, "I REBUKE THAT DEMOND"-mf.

Today I gave Tam's diary address to Tecknomonk. Who lives in Michigan. Tam's words need to be heard.

Mommy is completely(....)

Today was walking in Chinatown and a man middle old age came up to me and he asked me for $1 for commuter rail fare to Framingham for detox. I gave him the $1.



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