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6:01 p.m. - 2001-08-03
Moby's Loathers
I was just helping Doctor Court out I feel bad about the way I have treated them both Soundar and Doctor Court I have been oblivious to their work. And they have had fun in it. Um...Uh...Uh...well...hmm..MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

Ok, whatever, that was because it sickens me the way people let others go in their insanity. It does not make sense to me. I am so ashamed I did not help Tam out more. I am so ashamed. So ashamed.

I am going to go home now because well because because because the sun is about to set and I wanted to go to this play about Twelfth Night in the Boston Common but Doctor Court was like isn't today your Sabbath or something. And then when I get home when the mother-freaking sun is set mommy and daddy are going to blow up and say I broke the Sabbath and that I can't come in. I am not going to complain but I maybe should not say this but why should something be kept that when you break it it is such a big deal.

Another few things:

*I think people are trying to target every wrong thing that Moby does because they get gratification from shpeeling out negativities about the things that Moby does.

*The other day when I was upstairs at Brother Mitchell they were reading John 2:1-4 or something and it said if there is some one who believes in the anti-christ they should not be welcomed into a believers house. What about (I do not want to sound like those fights that people have where they start combatting with scriptures like swords,"Well, Romans 3 says, well John 8 says and so on) where it says you gave me shelter in time of need and etc. That is not even right.



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