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4:00 p.m. - 2001-08-04
Computer Break
i am taking a computer break now. i don't have anything else to do (except sort the liver samples from Doctor Court's stash in the freezer in room 312 i think it is). Then I leave in about 29 minutes he will probably wonder why i only got to box 3. i dropped box 2 (the box with the liver samples already put into the little cells) and had to put them back into the cells which took about 5 minutes i took a one hour lunch break and it takes long to do this because the cells are small and yoiu have to pinch to get the little plastic containers out of their cells. So i have 4 more boxes to empty and 4 more boxes to fill with the contenents of the prior 4 boxes. They are filled (1/2 way) with human liver microsomes. I think I will work on doctor courts web page at home or something. I could save his work from his computer that he has already done or the folder called Doctor Court's Web page onto my disk and then open it at home and work on it there try to get dreamweaver from home i could always save that work for when i come in to work on monday oh i am working today because i did not come in to work about 2 thursdays ago....hmmm...



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