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1:06 p.m. - 2001-08-04
Encounter With a Jehovah
this morning after mommy prayed for me i went to the bus stop and there was a lady jehovah's witness (i.e. female jehovah's witness), she asked me if i know why god came or something to that affect and i was like i don't know and she said to save us from sins. And then she proceeded to ask me if I know who is God? and I said jesus? and she said "jehova" and i was standing there thinking why in the world is there any relevance to her as to the fact that god's name is freakig "jehovah" who really gives a fuck about names any way but whatever but she proceededd to ask me what is my name and i said lydia and i asked her what is it about names and she said (i.e. his name being jehovah) well your name is lydia and you wouldn't want people to be calling you loyda, linda, lindsay (smiling while saying all of this) and then she pulled some literature from her black sack and said here are two pieces of literature and then she gave me the choice between some other one (which j'ai oublie le nom) and one on "Is there life after death?" In my head I though: No, there is not, Tam is gone and she can't come back" I took it but i am not going to read it it is still residing in my lunch bag but i'm not going to read it. its so silly she asked me what kind of work do i do i told her in a lab whatever and she said are you volunteering? Ithink "Jehovah's Witnesses" have a thing on volunteering. Huh, but she probably thought i was a christian already she was like you probably have a bible at home. I loathe the instant placard of religiosity my appearance connotes; I am an "African American" as they call it girl and she instantly thought i should know all of this stuff what wouldve she said to a "Chinese American" girl. Would she even have stopped to converse? My senses tell me,"No." That is the silly thing but i think those jehovah's witnesses try to reach all of the freaking races that are in the many human categories. But whatever.Or if they want a good opportunity for social hour with there brothers and sisters they can alway go on and get all the blacks they can into there congregation by proseliting on the streets of mattapan, dorchester, and other "pre-dominantly black" neighborhoods in Boston.



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