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10:48 a.m. - 2001-08-07
A Day at Revere Beach
I wish I could get a job at au bon pain inside of new england medical center that would be nice. I think because some people are not able to do certain things they take notice of those things in others--just a 'rant' probably with no sensical value.

Yesterday I went to Revere Beach again it was SO pristine and 'picturesque' it was so wonderful I just walked through the wet sand with my tennis shoes on thinking about what it would be like if Moby be-friended me how we could talk and sit out there at Revere Beach it would be so great. I picked up a lot of sea shells they are so neat. It started to smell like suage when I walked back to the Wonderland Stop. When I got home mommy and hannah were sleeping and daddy was at work and then i definitely was not able to get onto the computer bcs daddy was gone and i wanted to look at moby's interview from this french web-site.

Yesterday when I was on the blue line going to Revere Beach I kept on smelling the scent of how it smelled at Tam's funeral. The inscense they were burning that the monks were burning in the funeral parlour. Poor Tam;



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