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8:44 p.m. - 1990-08-07
wow, i wish tam was still here i think it would be such a nice and cool summer if she could have been here with me through every-Thing. We could both live in the you know where....hmmm

Patrice was really glad i gave her a list of things for college she was like thanks so much

I was just reading the Moby boards and this guy said i think moby is wrong on religion i.e. when Moby says everyone is not right and everyone is not wrong that is to say that when Moby says that if one religion is established they are instantly saying the others are wrong. Well, that is true.

It is really hotty and humidity down here in Boston oh its hot and its nasty when its hot people begin to loose that wonderful sense of reserve that they keep during the wonderful winter days when you have to wear winter clothing and bundle up...but summer is kind of sucky because people start acting really sucky and they start hanging loose and acting messed up. I hope Moby has air conditioning in his apt. i know he prob does . gotta go bye this'll be something whatever whatever.



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