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6:17 p.m. - 2001-08-11
Vitalina and Cambridge
I am staying in Cambridge now at an apartment on Marney Street. It is owned by a vietnemese man. I will be sharing a room with a girl from Russia, her name is Vitalina. She is nice. The rent is $300/month and it is close to the red line and green lines. I have to find out how to get there from Marney Street though. Yesterday we were in Revere (some how...) and then we took the Taxi to this room this morning. She and I slept at the room in Revere on 50 Nahant Avenue near to Revere Beach. On Friday I went to the Revere Beach and sat on some big stones lining the sand while it rained it was SO nice it was like a perfect painting of the sea shore. There was this big white seagul on this piece of wood just sitting there the whole time. Airplanes kept on passing above me. I was scared that they might fall on me if the pilot saw me scrutinizing his navigation aptitude.

Then I walked home and waited at her door until she came back from work at like 11:00 p.m. It was a nice experience. And yesterday also I went to ACC to register to go there I will be going there the school starts on September 5. I signed up for the courses as well.

Oh, I have not heard from Damian Loeb, Moby's friend. I was bothering him with a few e-mails (sooo stupid of me) and then he kept on asking what it was I wanted. Moby would probably think I was a lunatic to do all of this what I have waisted time doing.



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