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8:38 p.m. - 1990-08-12
Night at the Bailey Home
tonight celicia cried because she thought i was gone when she saw "me" she said "lydia " in a far awy tone but when we left she was laying on her bed in the foyer of their house. i felt 'bad' i want to be me for her because she understands and she is really one some-one like Diana, like LaKeisha...celicia i need to call her tonight i will call her i need to call sis. baily sis bailey what am i saying angela she is not happy to be married to brother bailiey newton and that scuks the whole thing does sis bailey is living in her own world in her house to..she needs to divorce brother bailey. because they do not are not made for one another at all not at all. she is on the out-side looking at the people who she calls family maybe in hair compeption with unknowing celicia.



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