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12:17 p.m. - 2001-08-13
My name is not Gloria, it is Lydia
Yeah, so me sitting here right now in doctor courts laboratory working for the summer for doctor court. wow i miss all of my teachers and bls and working in the good times and before Tam died I reelly wish she had not died though because we had so much in common.that is the reason why i did not want Tam to die we could have been best friends I hope I make a friend in this year some how. Tecknomonk said she is going to go to Manhatten and walk down moby's street, big deal...i ope she tells him the message i have for him oh and just in case the girl who i am staying with from russia wants me to lie and say that i am from russia or that i met her inrussia nad that my name is gloria i am really going to have to find a nother roomate because i can't be living a lie i mean in ca'n lie like that what happens when i get mail that say lydia they will throw me out of there or womthing so i have to change rooms. ok, bye for now.



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