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12:40 p.m. - 2001-08-13
A Chance to Dream
sitting here having just filtered water for soundar i am glad that iwas aloud to dream and imagine if that is what that was i don't think so though but iwas glad to be aloud to allowed to also oblivious to the working world i onticed so much

i was glad to be a dreamer

I was glad to a conceiver of opinios in this world of belief that was not beliefe of the oblivion of which i was glad to handle and grasp for i think i, lydia rebekah brooks that so benomened girl grapsed a part of the oblivion that is the part of human naaure. i was glad that i discovered Moby iwhen iwas in Ohio

he was a signe oh yes of the things that this world discounts as oblivious. i am glad that i have learned that truth is the most rich thing in this world and that fear is the most poisinous



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