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10:20 a.m. - 2001-08-15
The Story of Rudy And Nady
One day there was a rat and he was white. And there was a bald human who saw the rat in front of him. At once the rat's eyes made contact with the human eyes...a bond began. This bond was stronger than any bond that a human could have with another one. The name of the rat was Captain Nipper. Captain Nipper would live in peace and harmony with Moby, the name of the human, for what to humans seemed for a short time but to Captain Nipper was bordering on eternity-wow, a whole weekend together. One with the other. The other with the one. Living at the top of a building in New York City. Maybe Moby would show Captain Nipper how high up he is in the sky how far he was in the sky by being in an apartment so high in the sky in New York City. They would live together and eat together. Captain Nipper would do those things that made Moby stare at him into his eyes that resembled seeds to Moby. Then he would do it again and again and again. Moby would play with Captain Nipper and shake Captain Nipper's hands or paws. And they would make a truce to not tell anyone of their secret friendship of the food they shared, of the times they rolled in laughter over the indiosyncratic world they observed outside of their door, of the days when they would both lay on their backs, limbs in the air letting the clouds fall onto them (while looking at them pass overhead in the skylight) Fat Captain Nipper would enjoy his life with Moby for the length of time they were together. They would listen to music together. The music they both liked best the kind of music that was classical music the kind of music that was something that they enjoyed. They would listend to the rhapsodies of melancholoy, the joyous shivering of the violin's strings, the wonderful sounds of liquid water in the background of Pachelbel's Canon in D. They would oooh and ahhh and the wonders of the music. Then when it came time for bed they would each make their way to Moby's large bed and to Captain Nippers humongous new retiring quarters (Moby's Mattress). Moby would offer a small hand to Nipper and Nipper would proceed to crawl into Moby's hand and they would sleep there together. And they would sleep together in harmony and they would fall asleep and drift of together. Captain Nipper would look into Moby's eyes until they closed. Then Captain Nipper would close his eyes. And tommorow they will do what they will. Lovely couple they are living one with the other the other with the one.



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