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2:46 p.m. - 2001-08-15
Seeing Moby in The Face
i am so mother freaking whatever. well the people like Moby that is great. i am here with nothing to do excepts contimplate how things are bgong to be just great. let me even write about it to tell how great it all really is going to be i am going to cambreidge this evening to get all of my clothes and try to move out of th apartment hmm.. should I ? I guess so..will i go t new york on sabbath and meet up with Tecknomonk? I don't know...just to have Moby laugh at me in the face for how stupidious I act...i don't know. Life is so nice thogh THere is so much in this world. I am going to the bad-room or you could say hm...bathroom...



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