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10:07 a.m. - 2001-08-15
Moby and Cat-Rat Captain Nipper

Moby is going to be babysitting a friends rat this week I'm not sure for how long. Oh, I'm glad he has the company of a rat. Her name is Captain Nipper. That is so sweet. He is fat too. That is so sweet. Mother Fuckin' furry. Aww. That's cute though. I hope he enjoys his time with Captain Nipper.

Antonius wrote me today. Antonius' innocence is wonderful it is what humans are originally made of . It is the innocence before 'knowledge'.

I hope Moby enjoys his weekend too. He said he is going to feed Captain Nipper vegan food such as tortilla chips and some kind of bar or something. Yep, him and Captain Nipper are going to be together while his friend who treats Captain Nipper like a queen is gone on vacation or wherever she is going and whatever for. I hope he enjoys his time with the rat.

I wonder if Mr. Montague is going to e-mail me back with my transcript.

Hannah e-mailed me this as soon as i read the opening to the e-mail I knew she was e-mailing from "Aunt Laleith's" house.

Where everything is hunky-doory and fine. Everything is mother-fucking fine...isn't it? This is one happy world. Yes, it is.

I hope Hannah enjoys shopping today with Priscilla.

And I also hope Moby continues to enjoy his new pet rat for the weekend. I hope they enjoy each other.

I ate two cinnamon bagels this morning two cinnamon bagels. Two cinnamon bagels is what I had for breakfats...or breakfasts whicever is suitable to the condition. con-did-tion.

I hope Moby enjoys his time . I hope he enjoys making his next record or album.

I wonder when he is going to make his n ext album and what will it be about. What will it be based on. I hope he enjoys his time in his apartment.



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