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3:51 p.m. - 2001-08-17
\"On the Verge of an Epiphany\" ...says Moby
yeah so i continue to sit here and think how people close in on each other...mother freaking fuckers that 's what they did to Tam and sent her into a dizzy spell of dis-belief as to who she fucking was/is...god damned ass-holes.

I think all of this looking and searching by humans for all 'disorders' is going to result in them coming to terms with....'ta-da' their fucking innate qualities in the first place...there is a REASON...uh, yeah...for all of this so "basically" that is it ,,,,these 'things' they call them stem from restrictions...and also innate human qualities if you can see it that way too...

Moby did a post today about being on the verge of an epiphany...i wander why he thought about being on the verge of an epiphany or actually (dumb fuck (me)) is on the verge of an epiphany or is having an epiphany? I really want to meet Moby though...I don't want him to die...I don't want him to die.

I hope he is safe though because he is up there in his apartment by himself most likely unarmed and some mother fucker could come up there and try to take advantage of him...but then again he lived on his own in a factory warehouse for a while...he is strong though i mean like tough...

The other day i was about to stay in this new building they were building on Cambridge Street overnight but then it struck me and i was like godamn fuck!!! , i am a freaking girl and black at that and plus sister baily braided my hair the other day so that will make me seem "really strong and defensive" i didn't but went under this bridge and sat down and watched the commmuter rail pass by while it rained I sat on the ground and pulled the umbrella closed down on me to kind of cover me up .... several men saw me but ignored me so i just sat there and though and then "I wrote this song":

I think I see the world upside down except for me when in times of anger and compulsion there is glee. Turn my face back to the world that opened up for me.

Turned my face back to the world turn back to me.

Upside down I see the truth of all that's in my eye right-side up I can't equate a minute cry. When I see the truth it pains my right-side up. Hate this culture of containers fuck it all up! Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn. turn the thought of family that subjects it child to self-portrait. Turn the face away from the truth of the oblivion turn it back to me. Turn it back to me.



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