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11:27 a.m. - 2001-08-20
Committment is Bad
I think I managed to uncover some "deep dark" secrets in the intracy of the thing called Marriage that Shirley and David put them selves through. It was not a 'real love' not a reciprocated love. I do not believe they had Hannah and I out of desired intentions. They just happened to have us. I think It can be seen if a birth is planned or un-expected in relation to how the child is treated between the two parents.

When I was waiting for the bus 101 in Medford yesterday I was thinking that committment... as in marriage is NOT a good thing AT ALL. I think it was invented by humans as a kind of lock key on controlling their animalistic instincts. All of this control that humans want comes from something.(?). If the human mind is always changing then how can someone subject themselves to being locked with someone whose mind changes out of sequence with theres. Look at animals, they don't have soon as one mates with another they would just as soon mate with the one next door.



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