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12:46 p.m. - 2001-08-21
The End of Vitalina Tsvetkova and the Cambridge Cram
I felt really dumb this morning because I over reacted to Vitalina...I thought she would maybe try to kill me. She is like a cat...quiet and fast, cunning and skillful in her actions...that's what scared me about her. Each time we went down the stairs I asked her to go ahead of me so she could open the door for me to leave the room and take my things out to the cab that was waiting down stairs and for which I paid $33.90 for a trip from Cambridge to Mattapan, stopping at an ATM and stopping at my house so I could get a plastic bag to get all of the my stuff that had fallen out of the bag upstairs when it broke...that was ONE scary hell of an was a scary experience. Really scary...I still don't trust Vitalina. She asked me for my address and to take my picture in case the money I gave her was bad...I told her that I did not want her to take my picture but she took my picture (any-way) when I turned around. So if She ends up killing me or having someone killing me or I end up dead when someone is reading this entry in this diary, look for the name Vitalina Tsvetkova...I don't even know if that is her real name or not.

Moby went to a punk rock concert in Connecticut the other day. It was in the parking lot of a train station in his hometown of Darien, Connecticut. I wish I was Moby...He has such an eventful life...he does things...

I really like "RUSH" one of his is so techno-ey.....HELLP ME BROKE YOU BA-BY HELP ME BREAK YOU WITH MY MIND...WITH MY MIND...WITH MY MIND...WITH MY MINNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!.............(great tecky beats vibrating and jirating in the back ground)



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