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2:01 p.m. - 2001-08-22
Moral Issue Irrelevancy
Here is a scenario:

Someone is eating food and they don't like it or they are not happy to be eating the food...another person sitting nearby gets upset because of the person who is eating's attitude while he is eating. The reason why the person is upset is because they are thinking and maybe say to the eater: "There are people in other countries who DON'T have food" and here you are so unhappy with a plate full of food before you."

I think that those kind of explosions on the human part come from them wanting to inflict their anger on someone and that case scenario provides a perfect opportunity to do so. "Research" should be done on the actual origins of angry out breaks in response to various issues of moral character like the above.

Is it so much that the person getting mad will be able to give those w/o food food? (I've heard that before...that's why I typed it)...And also why does that conversation always pop up with eating...we don't say to people who buy many clothes and wasted them away to collect moth balls in their closets...people in other countries don't have clothes...they don't have as many clothes as you do...

Other things; these are very arbitrary and far flung e.g.s

1.)Waste of hairspray (and that leads you to wander is it really needed by the human or maybe a product of human instinct to attract the other)

2.)Waste of paper

3.)Waste of toothpaste

I wonder if any of America's success or which aspects of it are based on the needed animalistic instincts inherent in humans.

I think, comes back (the 'eating' moral issue)to the animal instincts inherent in the human.



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